Travis was awesome! Quick, thorough, friendly, knowledgeable service. Great price, great service, great people. We look forward to using Polite Pest as our regular pest control company! I would definitely recommend!

Marissa S.

I will never use another pest service again, and I recommend polite pest to all of my family and friends. They're always punctual, flexible and you don't even realize they're at your house. We used to have a big bug problem, especially in the summer, but after Erick and Travis coming out, I hardly see any ants, basically no webs that used to be there, etc. We even called Erick once because we thought there was a wasp in our walls and he responded incredibly quickly to take care of us. Their product smells good and never bothers the dogs. Polite pest is worth following on Instagram because they have frequent deals and giveaways :)

Sabrina M.

The guys at Polite Pest are the best. They are organized, quick and personable. I've been working with them for a year now and could not be happier. If anything ever comes up out of the blue, I know they will get to my place within 2 days (most of the time even faster!!) so that my house is always pest free. Because of them, my dog can roam the backyard without fear of running in to a scorpion or anything else for that matter. Thank you Polite Pest!!

Addison E.

Switching to Polite Pest was the best decision ever! They are quick to respond and are always prepared with the necessary products. The pest control company we used before never seemed to have the products for ants in their truck. This resulted in being charged for additional visits. Needless to say, my kids can now run around barefoot in the backyard because these guys are the best!

Katherine H.

We have used Polite Pest since moving into our new build and have not seen any bugs or creepy crawlers outside or inside our home since after the first service. The guys are always so friendly and our dogs even love them. They take their shoes off at the door without being asked and they will spray inside, outside, and garage no questions asked. They go above and beyond in their customer service. We have used several pest companies in the past including your big name companies and have never successfully got rid of all critters until now. What's best is our dogs can touch the solution and be near it and I know they are safe. If you haven't started using Polite Pest, you really need to. They are the best.

Michelle E.

As always, Polite Pest is the best!! They always let me know when they'll be here, and are always super respectful and mindful of my 'extra' requests (because I have a lot of animals). I can't say enough great things about them! I've seen ONE cricket since my last spray-two months ago!! I've had other big name pest control companies, and PP blows them all out of the water!! I'm very thankful that I found them:)

Krista K.

Everyone I have dealt with at Polite pest control, has been very professional, on time, polite. They took the time to explain what they were doing, as well when I had a lot of mosquitoes, they spray the pesticide a little heavier at no additional cost. I highly recommend this company. They have done a fantastic job for me, and have always worked with me on best day or time to exterminate my yard. Stephanie

Stephanie K.

Dependable, professional and friendly. We have noticed a complete change from what we were seeing prior to having them out. They are very thorough and will explain what they are doing and why it will work and what you should see/notice after their treatment. Highly recommend

Lance F.

Love Polite Pest! They did an amazing job getting rid of scorpions at my house. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing and quality company to treat their house for bugs and especially scorpions!

Kerry L.

All around great customer service and they know their stuff. These are the guys you want to call when you want someone to take care of your pest problem, because they get the job done right. If you aren't satisfied they will come again to make sure you get the service you have been hoping for. If you don't go with Polite Pest, you are doing it all wrong.

Jayson H.

I called them to do a termite service for our home. We had two other companies to give us quotes and with the service and warranty they give with their service it cut the price in half from the other companies. We now use them for our scorpion issue and we're excited to see how big of a difference we see in the summer!

Chrissy B.

Erick and Travis are wonderful. They took care of the mosquito problem I have been having since I moved into my house in 2016. I could not go outside at all and since March I've been able to go outside and not be attacked once!!!! They also saw I had termites and instantly fixed them! Great guys, great company. I highly recommend.

Alissa E.

Last Spring, something was nibbling all my vegetables in my garden. One day I had 40 ripening tomatoes, the next day, they were GONE! Then I began hearing scratching in my walls and ceilings! It was RATS! We called Polite Pest! Travis and Erick came out the next day and started the Rodent Treatment. They were so knowledgeable and explained everything they did. This Spring, I am enjoying my garden and harvested these this morning!

Thank you, Erick and Travis!! I think of you guys every time I pick vegetables!

Allison B.

Erick is amazing! He and Travis originally serviced our home when we had a scorpion scare, and we have continued to use their routine services since. 10/10 would recommend.

Brad L.