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Spider Control In Arizona

Spiders and Spider Control In Arizona

Hire spider exterminators in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Why are spiders so dreaded by us humans? OK, they may look icky, for lack of a better word, but most of them are not harmful. In fact, many actually benefit humanity by controlling other insect populations that can be harmful to humans.

Arizona is home to a diverse array of spiders, ranging from harmless species such as daddy longlegs to venomous species like the Arizona brown spider.

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Arizona’s Spider Populations

Many types of spiders can be found in Arizona, both common and rarely seen. The larger, more recognizable species include the tarantula, wolf spider, jumping spider, orb spider, longhorned spider, and fossorial spider.

While each of these spiders may be intimidating as they can grow to two inches in length, they’re not generally harmful. Though it may look intimidating, the tarantula will mainly feed on other insects such as grasshoppers and beetles, which helps keep these populations in check.

Arizona’s climate also supports a variety of smaller spiders which can be found in many gardens or homes. These species range from the harmless cellar spiders or ground spiders to poisonous types such as black widow or brown recluse spiders.

Teaching your family to identify the truly harmful spiders and to avoid their chosen habitats such as abandoned buildings, rock walls, and wood piles will give you peace of mind around spiders.

How to Identify Spiders and their Webs

Identifying spiders and their webs can be a tricky task. It helps to focus on the behavior of both the spider and its web construction to discern the species. Spiders typically construct their webs in places that are structurally sound, such as cracks and crevices, in trees and bushes, or beneath eaves of buildings.

Webs can vary significantly in shape, size, color, and texture. Generally speaking, webs made by orb-weaver spiders have a cylindrical center with outwardly spreading spokes radiating from it; however some may be extremely large compared to others or closely resemble a cobweb.

Though a good indicator for certain species of spiders, not all webs are circular in nature. Long-jawed orb-weavers produce dangling sacs attached to threads that hang from concrete walls or ceiling struts. Trapdoor spiders make deep burrows with only a small slit visible at the surface.

It is also wise to carefully observe the coloring of both the web itself as well as its architect; some species boast unique colors or intricate patterns that may hint at their identity. Doing a Google search for common spiders in Arizona and learning their names and habits can help you spot the dangerous types and know when to call a spider exterminator for help.

DIY Spider Control: Does it Work?

Peppermint oil is a common remedy for repelling spiders. It has a strong scent that can irritate them, causing them to flee areas where it is present. Just dab several drops of peppermint oil onto cotton balls and place them around the perimeter of your home or in other areas you would like to keep free of spiders. Also, spraying peppermint oil around doorways and windows can help keep spiders outside where they belong.

Chestnuts are also believed to be able to repel spiders due to their odor. They should be placed in containers near doors and windows as well as near any other potential entry points for spiders. The chestnut husks will release an unpleasant smell when disturbed, which may deter some spiders.

Cedar wood is another natural remedy for repelling spiders. Place cedar chips or logs around the perimeter of your home and in any areas where you suspect spider activity to discourage their presence. The scent of cedarwood can act as an effective deterrent and may prevent them from entering your space.

Dish soap is also a good solution for keeping spiders at bay. Mix two tablespoons of dish soap with two cups of water and spray it on areas where spiders are commonly found. This mixture will help mask the trails that spiders use to travel, thus discouraging them from visiting your property. Additionally, spraying a mixture of dish soap and white vinegar near windows and doors may help keep unwelcome arachnids away.

While these options can work for pesky spiders, if you’re dealing with dangerous spiders or a full-on spider infestation, you’ll probably need to bring in the “big guns” and hire a spider exterminator.

How the Professionals Deal with Spider Control

Having a few spiders in the house can be normal—as referenced above, many species of spiders are actually beneficial to have around. However, an infestation of spiders is an entirely different story. If you are seeing increasing numbers of spiders or webs indoors, it’s best to call in a professional pest control company with specialized treatments and products designed to quickly and safely control your spider problem once and for all.

Spider exterminators use a number of methods to control spiders in homes and businesses. Sticky traps are one common method. These capture the spider on an adhesive surface from which it cannot escape. Liquid insecticides are also effective, as are powder insecticides that can be applied directly to cracks and crevices where spiders may hide. Aerosol foggers can be used to fumigate an area with a pesticide fog; however, this is not recommended for indoor use without proper ventilation.

Professional spider exterminators have access to specialized equipment such as dusters and crack-and-crevice injectors that allow them to apply insecticides into areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. These tools make it easier for exterminators to target the source of a spider problem and eliminate it quickly.

In addition, professional spider exterminators have access to more powerful insecticides that may not be available to homeowners. These products often provide longer-lasting results than over-the-counter insecticides and can help keep spiders away for an extended period of time. Professional exterminators also employ a number of other specialized techniques, such as web removal, vacuuming, and trapping, which are designed to rid an area of spiders in a safe and efficient manner.

Looking for the best spider control near you? Contact Polite Pest. Our spider exterminators are known all over the Phoenix area for their quick response time and their polite and respectful manner. Our arsenal includes eco-friendly spider control solutions that will keep spiders away but keep your family and your pets safe.

We also make sure that we’re using spider control solutions that will work long-term. A big problem with spiders and pest control is that spiders can develop a resistance to certain substances. We use the right solutions so that you’re rid of spiders once and for all.

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