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The climate in Phoenix, Arizona is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, which contributes to its dry climate. This arid environment creates a unique ecosystem filled with diverse wildlife and plant life that thrive in spite of the warm temperatures.

The Phoenix climate may be ideal for golf, those who like mild winters, humidity-haters, and even those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory distress. Unfortunately, termites and other dangerous pests thrive in these conditions as well.

Phoenix Pest Control: Why Residents Need it?

The climate in Phoenix, Arizona is exceptionally attractive to pests such as ants, scorpions, rodents, bed bugs, and termites. The warm and dry air in Phoenix reduces moisture levels in the environment, which is attractive to many unwanted visitors to your home. Ants are one of the most common pests found in Phoenix, with over 300 species of ants reported living in Arizona.

Scorpions are also very common in Phoenix due to the mild winter temperatures and lack of snow, which creates an ideal habitat for them. Rodents such as mice and rats can be found throughout the city due to its expansive desert landscape.

Phoenix Pest Control

Bed bugs have been a problem for many homes and businesses throughout Phoenix due to their ability to survive in even the driest conditions. Termites are also a major issue for homeowners in Phoenix because they thrive in warm climates with plenty of wood and organic material to eat.

Phoenix Pest Control

To combat these types of pests, professional Phoenix exterminators recommend regular inspections for possible infestations. They also recommend proper sanitation practices like eliminating food sources that attract pests.

While less common, pests such as ear wigs and silver fish can also thrive in Phoenix. Ear wigs and silver fish prefer damp conditions, but they can still find places to live–even in dry Arizona. These include damp soil, humid basements, or steamy bathrooms without good ventilation.

Professional Exterminators in Phoenix

Phoenix pest control is a dirty job—but we like to make it fun, too. Whenever you call us, you’re going to reach an extremely helpful team member on the other end of the line who is going to make it their business to get a Phoenix pest control expert out to you quickly. We don’t just handle pests—we get rid of them fast…and with a smile.

Natural Pest Control in Phoenix

Polite Pest is Phoenix’s number one choice for pest control. Not only are we the friendliest and most effective pest control experts in Phoenix, we offer natural pest control that kills pests effectively without the use of harmful chemicals.

Natural pest control involves identifying and eliminating sources of harborage and food, as well as implementing non-chemical treatments such as beneficial insects, bird deterrents, traps, barriers, repellents, and exclusion devices.

Our methods of natural pest control for termites and other pests do not rely on the use of potentially hazardous chemical agents so they pose no threat to people or animals. These methods are also friendly for the environment with a reduced toxic load on soil, water, and air.

And because natural pest control methods address the sources of the infestation rather than simply spreading poison around the affected area, the need for continued maintenance is reduced.

Highlights of Living in Phoenix, Arizona

Who doesn’t love Phoenix, Arizona? The sun is always shining, there are plenty of outdoor activities that are happening year round, it’s family friendly with good schools and affordable housing compared to other major cities, and getting behind the local sports teams is a blast.

And when you’re ready for a change of scenery, the diverse sights of Utah, Las Vegas, Texas, and Mexico are well within reach of Phoenix.

Here are some of the most fun and unique things to do in the Phoenix, Arizona area:

1. Desert Botanical Garden

With a stunning collection of plants from all over the world and a variety of educational programs, this botanical garden is a stunner.

2. Camelback Mountain

This popular hiking trail offers spectacular views of downtown Phoenix and surrounding areas. Plus, it’s always free to access!

3. Musical Instrument Museum

This extensive museum houses one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world. There are nearly 7,000 of them from 200 different countries/territories. The museum also has a lovely theater that hosts regular concerts.

4. Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

Established in 1929, the park is home to the remains of an ancient Hohokam village that dates back to 1100 A.D. Visitors can explore the ruins of the prehistoric ancestral Sonoran Desert People, as well as learn about the history and culture of this ancient civilization.

Pest Control for Termites and Other Pests in Phoenix, Arizona

Don’t wait until you see piles of sawdust around your home or hear clicking in the walls to call a termite exterminator. For effective pest control in Phoenix, call Polite Pest now. We will do a thorough investigation of the causes of scorpion, bed bug, termite, roach, rodent, and spider infestations. Then, we’ll treat the problem in a non-toxic way that is safe for pets, kids, and adults.

Phoenix residents deserve to live without the fear of pests. For expert home pest control in Phoenix, trust Polite Pest, your friendly Phoenix exterminator.

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